Hearing Aid Compatibility

Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)

Mobile wireless service providers and device manufacturers are required to offer handsets that are compatible with (do not cause interference with) hearing aids and cochlear implants.

There are two handheld measurements used.
Acoustic coupling mode: from M1 to M4, with M4 being the best.
Inductive coupling mode: from T1 to T4, with T4 being the best.

The FCC considers mobile handsets to be hearing aid compatible if they are rated at least M3 for acoustic coupling and at least T3 for inductive coupling.

United encourages you to try, before you buy, and ask any one of our retail service representatives for assistance. It’s important for you to find the best match for your hearing aid. All United stores have hearing aid compatible handsets available to try. Below is a list of hearing aid compatible devices and their HAC ratings offered by United.

 Phone ModelFCC ID NumberHAC RatingType of Phone
Apple iPhone 15 Pro MaxBCG-E8439AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 15 ProBCG-E8435AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 15 PlusBCG-E8431AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 15BCG-E8427AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 14 Pro MaxBCG-E8141AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 14 ProBCG-E8140AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 14 PlusBCG-E8139AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 14BCG-E8138AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 13 miniBCG-E3994AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 13BCG-E3997AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 13 ProBCG-E4000AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 13 Pro MaxBCG-E4003AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 12 miniBCG-E3539AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 12 Pro MaxBCG-E3548AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 12BCG-E3542AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 12 ProBCG-E3545AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone 11BCG-E3305AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone SE 2020BCG-E3500AM3/T4Smartphone
Apple iPhone SE 2022BCG-E4082AM3/T4Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S10+ CPOA3LSMG973UM4/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S20A3LSMG981UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S20+A3LSMG986UM4/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraA3LSMG988UM4/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S20+ CPOA3LSMG981UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Note 20 UltraA3LSMG988UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S20FEA3LSMG781UM4/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S21A3LSMG991UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S21+A3LSMG996UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraA3LSMG998UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S21 FEA3LSMG887NM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung A32A3LSMA326UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung A52A3LSMA526UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Note9A3LSMN960UM4/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Z-Fold 3 5GA3ISMF926UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip 3 5GA3LSMF711UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4A3LSMF721UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy A03sZCASMA037UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung A13A3LSMA135UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy A53 5GA3LSMA536UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S22A3LSMS901UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S22+
Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraA3LSMS908UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S23 UltraA3LSMS918U / S Pen A3LEJPS918M3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S23+A3LSMS916UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S23A3LSMS911UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S23 FEA3LSMS711UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S24A3LSMS921UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S24+A3LSMS926UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraA3LSMS928UM3/T3Smartphone
Samsung Z Flip5A3LSMF731UM3/T3Smartphone
Orbic Journey V2ABGH-RC2250LM3/T3Basic Phone
TCL Flip 22ACCJN059M4/T4Basic Phone

Find Accessible Devices by visiting the Accessibility Reporting Initiative (“GARI”)

FCC Wireless Hearing and Compatibility Rules

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Last updated 05/17/2024