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To register in the new system:

  1. Have your United Account Number and CPNI Password (this password is case sensitive) available. If you need assistance with your CPNI password, please contact United.
  2. Click on PAY UNITED TEL•COM BILL above.
  3. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT and follow the instructions.

Registering in our new system allows you to make online payments, access your United account online, and re-enroll in paperless billing. Have questions? Please contact United Billing at 620-227-8641!

Sign up for auto-pay!

Never stress about missing a payment again! For ease and convenience, sign up for auto bank deduction with your checking account using the appropriate form(s) below. If you’re unsure of which form(s) to fill out, simply match the logo that is on your bill with the company name on the button below. Fill out the form(s) and return to United using the instructions on the form.