Dodge City, Kan, 7-17-23 United, a leading provider of state-of-the-art communications solutions in Southwest Kansas, proudly hosted United FiberFest, a road tour of community events celebrating the successful completion of the cooperative’s seven-year, $35 million fiber connectivity project. With this significant investment, United installed over 1300 miles of cutting-edge fiber, which provides vital broadband connectivity to every single member-owner of its cooperative in Southwest Kansas, continuing United’s 70-plus-year history of delivering state-of-the-art communications services and solidifying its position as the leader in rural broadband connectivity in the region.

“Kansas Office of Broadband Development is excited to see this seven-year, $35 million investment from United. This level of technology investment is extraordinary and showcases their commitment to serve everyone regardless of their location,” said Jade Piros de Carvalho, Director of the Kansas Office of Broadband Development, who spoke at the United FiberFest event in Hanston and was joined in attendance by Deputy Director Joseph Le. “We applaud United on this work and their efforts to bridge the digital divide in Kansas.”

United FiberFest took place June 12-22, 2023, bringing together United staff and trustees, member-owners, local and state leaders, representatives of U.S. Senator Moran and U.S. Senator Marshall, and community members for barbecue lunches with engaging presentations and exciting giveaways. In the spirit of supporting local, United was pleased to purchase food and other supplies from local grocery stores and vendors for all events, which were met with remarkable attendance and excitement from our communities. Attendees gained valuable insights into the transformative power of fiber connectivity and its positive impacts on economic development, education, healthcare, and other critical issues in our communities.

“We are thrilled with the tremendous success of United FiberFest and the incredible support we received from our cooperative member-owners for our fiber connectivity project,” said Todd Houseman, United General Manager/CEO. “This project would not have been possible without the forward-thinking vision of our board of trustees, and the hard work of our dedicated United team. The success of the United FiberFest events truly showcases the strength of our cooperative and the positive impact of rural broadband connectivity in our region. Together, our dedicated United team and the member-owners we have the privilege and honor of serving are revolutionizing the way our Southwest Kansas communities connect and thrive.”

United is designated by NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association as a Smart Rural Community℠ (SRC) Gig-Certified Provider, reflecting United’s commitment to enabling technological innovation in our communities and delivering Internet speeds of up to one gigabit per second. A highlight of United FiberFest was the presentation of plaques designating Ashland, Cimarron, Copeland, Englewood, Ensign, Ford, Hanston, Ingalls, Montezuma, and Spearville as Smart Rural Communities. This designation recognizes the availability of reliable, high-speed broadband powered by United Fiber Internet and the opportunities it provides. Access to United Fiber Internet helps make these communities great places to live and work. As a Gig-Certified SRC Provider, United is committed to investing in the latest technologies to support the communities it serves.

United extends heartfelt gratitude to all attendees, cooperative member-owners, United board members, local and state leaders, and United employees who contributed to the success of United FiberFest. United remains committed to advancing rural broadband access and connecting communities in Southwest Kansas. To learn more about United’s state-of-the-art communications offerings, please visit



Total Cost of FTTP Project: $34,844,630

Length of Fiber Buried with FTTP Project: 7,336,669 feet (over 1389 miles!)

Timeline of FTTP Project: Design: Summer 2016 • Construction: October 2016-May 2023

Length of ALL United Fiber Currently in Service: 11,603,369 feet (over 2197 miles!)


About United

Headquartered in Dodge City, Kansas, the United Family of Companies is committed to being the most trusted and customer-focused provider of sustainable communications solutions in Southwest Kansas. Established in 1951, United provides state-of-the-art Internet, television, wireless phone, and landline phone services and has a strong commitment to strengthening Southwest Kansas communities and enriching the lives of its members and customers.