Prepaid Plans

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With United’s convenient and flexible prepaid plans, choose the best wireless plan for your lifestyle and pay a month at a time. Give us a call or stop by to chat with one of our friendly retail sales representatives or agents. We’ll get you started with the plan that’s right for you!

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All prepaid plans include FREE Mexico Calling* in United’s home network!

* Plan Details

Plan prices do not include the cost to purchase your phone, which is handled separately. You can sign up for a wireless plan by purchasing a new phone at United or bringing in your current (and unlocked) phone from another carrier.

Prices do not include taxes and fees.

* Includes calling to Mexico landlines & cell phones. Calls to Mexico must originate from the United Wireless home network.

** Speeds reduced to 128Kbps after 10GB. Add 2GB Speed Boost for $5.

† Add unlimited tethering for $25mo. Data speeds may be temporarily slowed during periods of network congestion after 50GB of use during the monthly plan cycle.

Service is available for 30 days upon payment of the rate plan charge. Monthly plan payments are not refundable or transferable. In-store activation/upgrade fee up to $30 may apply. No guarantee of coverage is available. Speeds may be reduced while roaming outside of the United Wireless home network, causing some data applications to not function properly. Pricing, availability, terms, and data usage/speed are subject to change without notice. Calls to Mexico must originate from the United Wireless home network. 411 calls are not allowed. Service subject to United Wireless Terms and Conditions.

Phone may be restricted to United Wireless service up to six months after activation.

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Affordable Connectivity Program

Save up to $40/month!  Eligible wireless customers can save up to $30/month on their wireless plan through the Affordable Connectivity Program and get an additional discount of up to $10/month directly from United. Click below to learn more!

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Lifeline Program

Low-income individuals may be eligible for the Lifeline Program, which provides discounts towards the monthly service charge. Individuals may qualify through specified government programs or because their income meets the specified guidelines. Lifeline is a government assistance program. The service is non-transferrable, only eligible consumers may enroll in the program, and the program is limited to one discount per household. See your local retail store or agent for details, or give us a call at 888-303-0083.