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Reliability and Dependability
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Staying connected to friends, family, and services is more important than ever, and United provides that through reliable and dependable landline phone service. Get a clear, secure connection with a wide variety of features for extra convenience.

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Available Calling Features

Caller ID • Voicemail • Call Forwarding • Call Forward Busy • Call Waiting • Simultaneous Ring • Three-Way Calling • Call Transfer • Anonymous Call Rejection • Automatic Recall • Caller ID Blocking • Distinctive Ring • Selective Call Forwarding • Selective Call Rejection • Personal Identification Number • Warm Line • Speed Calling 8 • Speed Calling 30

Calling Feature Pricing

Any two features | $4.50/mo
Any three features | $5.75/mo
Any four features | $6.75/mo
Any five features | $7.50/mo
Each additional feature > 5 | $0.50/mo

*Order any feature and get Voicemail for only $0.50/mo.
**A $5.00 service order charge will be billed per service order, not per feature.

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Long Distance Plans and Rates

All 1 + dialed calls are billed at the rate of $0.03/minute. Prices are for calls in the United States and apply to both residential and business customers. As an optional service, the United Super Savings Toll Plan is available. For a $4.95 monthly fee, in-state calls are billed a flat fee of $0.02/minute and all out-of-state calls are billed at $0.02/minute.

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800 Service

Calls dialed and completed without the assistance of an operator and do not include collect calls, conference calls, calling card calls, or any other operator-handled calls. 800 service is provided on a monthly basis. Rates are the same for both business and residential lines.

Service Charge per 800 number

Monthly Rate: $3.95
Rate per Minute: $0.11/minute

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Lifeline is a government assistance program allowing qualifying households to receive a reduction in cost on their landline service. You may qualify for Lifeline through participation in a qualifying federal government program or through your household income. To find out if your household qualifies, click on the Learn More button.
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Ten-Digit Dialing

Effective October 24, 2021, landline phone customers are now required to enter all 10 digits of a phone number, including on local calls. A ten-digit dialed telephone call requires entering both the three-digit area code and the seven-digit telephone number to complete the call, even if the area code is the same area code as your own.

(For example, you must now dial 620-227-8641 instead of just 227-8641 to reach the United business office’s local number.)